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Heartland Family Chiropractic, P.C. Reviews

Testimonials-iconWe value our patients’ experience at Heartland Family Chiropractic, P.C.. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the Client Experience Questionnaire and send it to us. We would love to hear what you think!

Dr. Chelsa Winheim
Your Chiropractor Lexington

Help for Bulging Disk

In the mid 2000’s I was tired of severe muscle spasms and lower back pain. The family doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and physical therapy. This was not working for me and chose to try chiropractic. During my first chiropractic experience and not seeing much improvement an MRI was taken that revealed a bulged disc. After more adjustments I was not seeing improvement. Then I decided to give Dr. Chelsa a try. After the first consult with her, it was clearly stated that she could not fix the bulged disc, but with her approach it could be managed, overall health could be improved and it has without having surgery. I really appreciate how Dr. Chelsa works on what is hurting and not just guessing.

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With a weekly maintenance plan my low back pain was very tolerable. August 27, 2013, I broke my hip in a freak farming accident. Dr. Chelsa went above and beyond to help me, even while being in the hospital. Without hesitation all the doctors have been working together to get me back up on my feet. Dr. Chelsa has really helped my family understand the process of my healing. My recovery is still a work in progress but I have not a doubt that I am in the right place.

Since the accident there has been a lot of progress. In November 2013 due to consistent knee pain from my accident an MRI showed a deep bone bruise or possible crack in the tibia, an injury that was missed at the initial accident. While being non weight bearing for 12 weeks with my hip injury, the knee should have healed on its own but was not. Dr. Chelsa has been adjusting the knee since then and it is finally making great progress. The monthly visits to the surgeon were all fairly good reports with the last appointment with him in March 2014. It was a big concern to me that he no longer needed to see me on a consistent basis because I could see that I still had a long way to go to be 100%. My wife and I discussed our concern about this with Dr. Chelsa and she said, “The bone is healed. There is nothing else for the surgeon to do. Now, we just need to get the joints to function properly and regain muscle strength.” More x-rays were taken and it explained why I was still walking with a limp. With my connection here at Heartland Family Chiropractic it is clear to me that Dr. Chelsa will get me strong again. It is going to take some more time but with consistent adjustments I am heading in the right direction.

~Calvin D.

Headache & Migraine Relief

Every day I had a headache and some days it was a migraine. I had gone to our family doctor who prescribed medicine, the obstetrician said it was hormones, the podiatrist put me in orthotics, optometrist changed my glasses, the dentist said my bite was off and NOTHING was helping. After seeing the success my husband was having I decided to give Chiropractic a try. When I saw my x-rays at my first exam I knew exactly where my pain was coming from. With just a few treatments I was getting relief. Now to this day, I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a headache. I do have low back issues as well. I believe it was from jumping out of a swing way too many times at recess and of course life in between. The issue is not going to go completely away but with the help of Chiropractic I can live a normal life.

~Sandy D.

Help for Both Active Daughters

When Jennica started showing signs of stress from gymnastics I knew exactly where to take her. You could visually see the toll it was taking between her shoulders. After x-rays, Dr. Chelsa said scoliosis was something to be aware of. With adjustments there are no signs of it today. Jen is also a cowgirl! Riding her horse is her passion. Last year she was thrown from her horse and was not able to get back on right away. There were injuries to her mid back and tail bone. It was never a thought to take her to our family doctor. She was able to get an appointment with Dr. Chelsa right away. Within two weeks Jen was back in the saddle.

Sarah is a varsity runner with the Bertrand/Loomis Cross Country team. She was suffering from shin splints. With just two adjustments and some stretching exercises her pain was almost gone. Sarah is also a competitive equestrian. Knee pain is often her complaint early in the season as she gets in shape for riding. Her only request is chiropractic care. Several years ago Sarah had a miserable cold, one that had her on and off the couch for a few days. We mentioned it to Dr. Chelsa and she said bring her in. After she was adjusted, she was a kid again by evening. Since then we are true believers of Chiropractic.

Thanks Dr. Chelsa for thinking of us and letting us share our Chiropractic stories. We are better people for being a part of your Chiropractic family. I wish everyone would at least think about the possibilities that this kind of care would give them. We know that we have made the right choice. Heartland Family Chiropractic just makes sense.

~The Dannehl Family

Chiropractic Allowed me to Get back to an Active Lifestyle

I started seeing Dr. Chelsa 5 years ago. I was having back problems that were keeping me from being as active as I wanted to be. I was told I might need back surgery. That was something I was not interested in. I was leery of going to a Chiropractor at first because I had listened to all of the myths over the years. I’m very happy that I had an open mind and gave this a try. While I’m not 100 percent, getting regular adjustments has made a big difference in allowing me to continue to play pickup basketball which is one of my hobbies. Without the care that I have received I know I would be in pain and would not be able to function correctly. I have recommended her to many people who were having issues.

~ Jayson J.

Maintenance Care is Life Changing

I’ve been coming to Heartland Family Chiropractic to see Dr. Chelsa for about 7 years. There are times when I have severe back pain or neck pain but after a few weeks of 2-3times a week, I am back to a maintenance schedule of care. You see, I love spending time with my grown children and teenage grandchildren. They are very active and like to go places and do things so I need to feel good so I can keep up with them. That’s why it’s very important for me to stay healthy so I am ready when then ask me to come see them and go to their activities. Thank you Dr. Chelsa for keeping me healthy and able to be active.

~ Marilyn H.

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